In the Community

Our work is much more than buildings. We have found that our niche within community development was in the restoration of historic buildings. Loving the forgotten. Caring for the broken. Bringing structures back to life. In addition to our role in the built environment, Mangrove is also an active community participant on neighborhood development and marketing committees, as well the Grove CID board of directors. 

We have found that mixed-income communities are the best approach for creating inclusive neighborhoods where socioeconomic reconciliation can occur. That principle guides how we develop and manage our residential and commercial spaces. 

We also believe in second (and third) chances. We have given all of our buildings a second chance, and through the Mangrove Foundation, we also strive to give post-incarcerated men a second chance as well. We're only a small piece of the re-entry puzzle, but are thankful to partner with dedicated nonprofits to equip and empower men to live their lives for the good of others, and themselves.

We are proud of our mission, Restoring Community... One Historic Building at a Time